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Produced in collaboration with students from Angel’s Gate High School

This site-specific fictional narrative incorporates the immediate space around the Angels Gate Cultural Center gallery and Angel’s Gate High School, a space of innocent explorations with a proximity to nature and Hollywood car wrecks, located in the crosshairs of the wild energy of youth.

The image of a teenager behind the wheel is not one of just growing up and independence, but also one of impending disaster. The car wreck is a tragic American narrative starring the teenager, and an allegory for the teenage experience. This project was created in collaboration with a group of teens from Angel’s Gate High School that resulted in a site-specific installation of photography, letters, video projection, sound, and salvaged car parts at Angel’s Gate Cultural Center. The entire project was staged in a space between fantasy and the real and ripe with drama and ambiguity. It captures the way these students conjured memories, or fragments of narratives plucked from their environment through playful image creation, and imagined scenes of horror.